Kitchen Mats

kitchen matWhether you work in restaurant or other food preparation environment, or you are the main cook or homemaker in the house, a quality kitchen mat can alleviate the cumulative stress of being on your feet for hours on end. Often, the source of the fatigue that results from working and standing is hard to detect until it has gone beyond the acute stage. Make things easier on yourself by adding a quality kitchen mat to your home or work environment.

These mats will provide a load of positive physical benefits to those who spend time either in the work or home kitchen, or both. Minimize the stress felt in the feet, legs and back, for example, by spending the day on a quality kitchen mat as opposed to a hard and unforgiving surface. Enhance safety in both venues by virtually eliminating dangerous slip and fall occurrences. Keep glass and dishware from breaking by providing a soft landing surface. Kitchen mats provide this and so much more.

You’ll find that the overall improved comfort can be achieved for a relatively small investment too. A nice place to start for an attractive home kitchen mat is with an Air-Flex kitchen mat. This 2 foot by 3 foot mat contains 770 small cushions that provide incredible anti-fatigue comfort for hours on end. These mats come in blue, green and tan for an aesthetically pleasing complement to your kitchen décor.

For a commercial or restaurant environment you might consider something like the Notrax T15S0034RD grease proof kitchen mat. These mats are ideal for work areas that require workers to remain standing for an extended amount of time, i.e. bars and food preparation stations. Increase traction and minimize slipping with drainage holes that easily combat overflows and spills. Keep your kitchen work environment safe and productive with this 3 x 4 feet mat for less than $100.00.

You need not spend an arm and a leg for enhanced safety either at work or at home. Get a quality mat with the Hubert Economy kitchen mat. The 3/8 inch rubber mat gives you safety and comfort all day long. The beveled edges of this 3 x 5 foot mat reduce trip hazards and the honeycomb design allows spills to pass without effecting safety or work performance. Outfit any kitchen with this mat of around $38.00.

Look at Great Mats, Tag, Matfer, Eurodib and others for some additional kitchen mat solutions. The choices are wide open regardless of your kitchen setting. Many of the mat choices combine a great deal of design appeal with all of the important comfort and safety features mentioned above.

As you can see from the aforementioned mats, a top-notch kitchen mat that will make standing and working far less stressful is a worth while investment that won’t set you back much in the pocket book. Get yourself a kitchen mat today so that your body won’t complain tomorrow.

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